We’ve accomplished mucho…

InspireDR provides free programs that teach practical life skills and instill positive values, so boys in the Dominican Republic can mature into responsible men, husbands, and fathers.


Instruction Hours




To maintain membership boys need to have a 90% attendance rate, respect their peers and instructors, be responsible, and work together.

Our program is available free of charge to Dominicans and Haitians.

Dozens are on the wait-list ready to join-up.

“It’s important because it helps him to develop himself, to get along and learn more. For example, the program helped him with his fear to talk.”

Teodoro’s mother



We’re super excited about our new Boys Club location. It is an amazing space for the boys to learn and for staff and volunteers to educate. Special recognition goes to CASIRA, Kristen Bell, Jason Chapnik, Norm M, and Miguel Garcia, for bringing everyone together to make this a reality.

With their leadership, big hearts, time, and resource combined with the support of our hundreds of kind and generous donors, and volunteers, we are proud to say InspireDR is the coolest Boys Club in the Dominican Republic.

Please drop in to meet our wonderful staff and for a quick tour of the club. It is an amazing space to educate, mentor and inspire!


With your support we raised $111,067 in 2018. These funds made it possible to create our small computer lab and allow for more boys to enroll – growth in membership from 65 to 76 boys.

We are committed to efficiently and effectively using your resources to positively affect those we serve and to reach sustainability.