Inspiring Dominican boys to become positive young men

Free programs that teach practical life skills and instill positive values

Nothing should hold boys back from reaching their full potential

In the Dominican Republic, many families are impoverished, and the public schools are poorly resourced. Boys are likely to drop out of school, misuse drugs and alcohol, or engage in criminal activity. Poorly equipped for adult responsibilities, they get stuck in low-paying jobs and have little hope for a bright future.

By supporting InspireDR you can help transform these boys’ lives. As they participate in our free after-school and summer programs, their self-esteem and confidence improve, and so does their academic performance and behavior at school and at home. They come to see themselves as valuable and worthy, which translates into respectful relationships-particularly with women and girls. Their career and income opportunities expand, and they develop the desire and means to serve their community.

Since we launched in 2015, we’ve helped more than 100 boys on their path toward being responsible men, husbands, and fathers.




Why focus only on boys?

We serve boys in Cabarete, DR, where there’s a highly regarded and well-funded nonprofit doing incredible work with girls in the area – educating, empowering, and employing them. But here’s the reality: For girls in the DR to take full advantage of those opportunities and move past stereotypical roles as domestic laborers and family caretakers, they need the support of boys and men.

Through our programs, we’re inspiring boys to challenge culturally accepted machismo. As a result, violence toward women is on the decline, and boys and girls are beginning to work together for a brighter future.

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Emmanuel has a big dream. Together, we can help him achieve it.

Our Approach






We teach practical skills that dramatically expand boys’ career and income opportunities.






We develop strong relationships to promote a sense of belonging, healthy living, self-discipline, and mutual respect.






We help boys discover how they can passionately pursue their dreams and positively impact their communities.



The skills I learn at InspireDR, will help me in the future. InspireDR instructors help teach me to be a better person in my community.

Teodoro's Mother

Fatima – Teodoro’s mother

It’s important because it helps him to develop himself, to get along and learn more. For example, the program helped him with his fear to talk.  

Kayel's father


With the changes I have seen from him, it will help him with the daily routine. I also think that it will motivate him to go farther and to be a better person.

Markendy, Riken, Luis Angel (brothers)

Markendy, Riken, Luis Angel

I'm learning the art of public speaking, skateboarding and English (Markendy). I learn English and kitesurfing (Riken). I have learned not to fight, to talk if someone is bothering me - I learned this in Emotional Intelligence classes (Luis Angel).



Many murders, robberies, and assaults are committed by men and adolescent males who have little or no education. This is why we must work with boys and young men.

InspireDR teaches critical thinking and respect for self and others through:


English as
Second Language


Public Speaking
& Leadership




& Teamwork


& Water Safety



Tour InspireDR with Christopher and Ezequiel:

Your donation makes a real and lasting difference for boys in the DR.

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In the Dominican Republic, many boys drop out of school, misuse drugs or alcohol, or engage in criminal activity. InspireDR