Parent Meeting – Special Guests en la casa!!
August 4, 2015
InspireDR Gets Computers!
February 5, 2016

InspireDR is happy to announce that our first summer program was a success. It’s was all made possible due of the help of our volunteers and the support of the Cabarete community. Through their support this summer gave the boys the opportunity to engage in activities like soccer, snorkeling, Jiu-Jutsu, baseball, swimming, pre-Cardboard Challenge exercises (using recycled materials), etc.. and to thrive in our English program.

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Great progress was made with English lessons and our volunteer Anja made every class special and fun for the boys. Learning English is one key for creating a better life in Cabarete and can increase income potential by 100%. Learning is empowerment and a treasure that cannot be taken away.

Every morning we start with a healthy meal. We’re so thankful for the generous help from Lazy Dog on the beach for providing the boys with breakfast to energize them for the day.


The parent meetings showed the program is impacting the families deeply and is raising awareness to the importance of education. These parents are highly motivated and together we can make a change for a better future for the boys.

The final day of camp ended with a treasure hunt in which the boys searched for clues (in English) at local businesses around Cabarete Central. Great job boys!!!

Helping them to improve their reading and writing skills, teaching English, passing on values like responsibility, respect and kindness are the foundation to end the cycle of violence and poverty. We are happy to send the boys more prepared and enriched with experiences to a new school year!

Want to join us? Help us by Chipping in with a Gift to bring more boys into the program. Or you can help as a volunteer. Apply now!!

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