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December 27, 2014
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January 27, 2015

InspireDR Gets A Makeover


InspireDR’s “Inspire by action” motto is brought to life by the creative talents of local Dominican artist Alexander Abreu. This week, the emerging organization gave its new programming space a much-needed facelift. A vibrant and colorful mural that captures the spirit of the artist, island, and organization has replaced the blank white concrete wall that serves as an entryway into the building. Adam Gutman and Stefan van der Spek enlisted the help of Abreu to breathe some life into the space that will soon house programming for local boys of Cabarete. Abreu’s art serves as an inspiration for the community. Not only does he incorporate the colors and elements of the island in each of his pieces, he is also a self-taught artist, having never received any formal art-related schooling. For many boys in the area, dropping out of school before graduation is a reality. Gutman and Van der Spek hope to create an atmosphere of active living, a place where boys can explore their many talents and abilities. Abreu is an example of the message that InspireDR hopes to instill in its participants: we are all active in the creation of our futures, and the first step is taking action.

Instagram: AlexanderAbreuArt


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