Join us! Give the boys of Cabarete a brighter future!
July 24, 2015
Oh what a day!! Snorkeling with Dive Cabarete
August 1, 2015

As the “new kid on the block” it was an honor and a great pleasure to participate for the first time in the annual MaiTai Global charity panel in Cabarete.

Among sharp minds and exceptional athletes InspireDR had the chance to present our work and ambitions to improve the lives of the boys in and around Cabarete. The panel also included representatives from 3 Mariposas Montessori, DREAM Project, and Mariposa DR Foundation.


Mark Kinsey and Leila Janah hosted the panel and put the spotlight on how local NGO’s can provide sustainable contributions to communities in which they operate by applying their local knowledge.  InspireDR co-founder, Adam Gutman, outlined the importance of a youth center to give the boys a place of shelter to engage in practical, fun, and effective activities.“We see ourselves as an organization designed meet the needs of the boys; to fill the void in services available to them in this community,” Gutman said.

The boys had an opportunity to meet Bill Tai, co-founder of MaiTai Global and a pioneer in combining extraordinary entrepeneurs and kiteboarding to create a platform to present innovative and daring ideas and promoting a great sport.

Mind-blown by the VR-goggles from Specular Theory, the boys got the chance to surf virtually, and then see some of the most influential kiteboarders from around the globe like Susi Mai, also co-founder of MaiTai Global and kiteboarding legend.


See video clip:

MaiTai Global / InspireDR Video

We say thank you for the warm welcome and amazing input we received!

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