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February 5, 2016
Successful Beach Clean-up Day!
April 11, 2016

Thanks to AMAZING support from generous people such as Kristen Bell, Norm M, the AWESOME team at InspireDR, and the brilliant gang at CrowdRise, we exceeded our goal to raise funds to renovate the new Youth Center. 


The current Youth Center allows us to have 11 children in our year-round program. For 2016, we secured a bigger location that’s closer to the residential area where most of the boys live, and a public sports field. The new Youth Center will allow us to grow enrollment to 100 boys and adolescents. 

NEW location copy

A super group of staff and volunteers from CASIRA, Adrien, Alexis, (Edward & Neudy), Edu M, Bernard, Marlin, Marta, Martin, Peter, Stefanie, Yann, and others are helping w/ renovations. Another group from Canada will be here in April. Additionally, we have a great team of Dominican & Haitian craftsmen.  


Our goal is to open the doors of the new Youth Center in April 2016. 


Thank you all so much for making this happen!!

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